RCMS presented at Harbours 360 Conference

Dennis Kögeböhn, from HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH presented the RCMS at the Harbours 360 Conference in Antwerp, Belgium on 20th and 21st October 2015.
In his talk with the title „Is Automation the Answer to all Issues?“ he gave an overview on past developments and recent trends in automation of container terminal operations. Based on several case study terminals and automation projects HPC has been involved in over the last decade, he pointed out that automation can in fact provide high capacity, stable service, low operational costs, safe working environment and reduced emissions, if a tailored automation scope is defined and precisely planned and realized by experienced experts in this field. Otherwise, automation will raise more questions than answering issues.
Having identified a global trend towards terminal automation, he made a look into the future of the next generation container terminal, asking what might be the next big trend for the container terminal industry. Out of several concepts, he highlighted the idea and the benefits of the RCMS, which will provide unrivaled storage density and direct access to each container at the same time. Although being still under development, Dennis Kögeböhn concluded that these benefits will make the RCMS particularly useful for high-productivity terminals with limited extension space and where land is very expensive.

Source: HPC