Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI)

The Israel Aerospace Industries Ltd. (IAI) is a leading organization with expertise in the field of robotics and unmanned systems for civilian and military robotic programs.  IAI was the pioneer in the development of Unmanned Systems and has over thirty years proven experience, providing operational Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs). Ten years ago, IAI initiated its Unmanned Ground Systems, providing a wide range of advanced robotic solutions for the Civil, Defense and Home Land Security markets.  Examples of systems developed by IAI include the TaxiBot and Guardium programs.

IAI methodology of technical development is integrated with the operational experience of its scientists and engineers, creating practical and comprehensive robotic solutions for numerous different applications.

IAI with an annual turnover of US$ 3.83 billion (2014) is one of Israel’s largest industrial enterprises and is fully owned by the Government of Israel. IAI has 14,500 employees, including thousands of scientists, engineers and technicians with expertise in advanced technologies.  IAI has the capability of developing, designing, manufacturing and servicing a wide range of science-based civilian and military products for land, air, sea and space applications. IAI philosophy is based on working together with its customers and their local industries and sharing its broad base of sophisticated, integrated technologies and manufacturing capabilities.

Contact Person: Hanan Lepek, Project Technical Manager

Web Site www.iai.co.il

La Spezia Port Authority

La Spezia Port Authority manages the port activities and the maritime property area inside the Gulf of La Spezia. The port of La Spezia is one of the most important North Italian economic resources, with over 8,500 persons working in the complex maritime cluster including the merchant port, shipyards and yachting.

A strategic geographical position and its acknowledged operating capacity, as shown by the over one million ofcontainers handled, make la Spezia a leading port in the Med, with very high growth perspectives serving South Italian and North European inland markets.

In Italy it’s the second port in importance for direct call services and for serving the north Italian markets: this thanks to its technology, efficiency, quality of services and constant innovation. The port today is involved and operates successfully in different commodities: container traffic, liquid & dry bulk and general cargoes as well.

The port of La Spezia moves more than 35% of container traffic by rail, qualifying as the port with the highest percentage of intermodal transport on a national and European level.


Contact Person: Federica Montaresi, Eng. Head of Studies and Special Projects

Web Site http://www.porto.laspezia.it/it/autorita-portuale-della-spezia

Port of Koper

The Port of Koper is an international cargo port in Slovenia, located at northern end of the Adriatic Sea. It is a multi-purpose and transit oriented port, equipped for handling and warehousing all types of goods; from general cargo, containers, cars, perishables, dry and liquid bulks to timber, livestock, and more. Port activities are carried out at 12 specialised terminals.

Luka Koper, port and logistic system, is a public limited company with over 50 years of tradition. A 35-year concession agreement (until 2043) was granted for the management of the Port area. Luka Koper Company is terminal operator of all 12 specialized terminals in Port of Koper and provides port and logistics services.
Ambitious goals are set, aiming to satisfy the wishes and needs of our customers and shareholders, as well as company employees. In 2005 the company received the recognition for Business Excellence and became an Excellence Award Finalist in 2006.

Port of Koper - Reference person: Maša Čertalič

Web Site www.luka-kp.si

Mail portkoper@luka-kp.si

University of Genoa

University of Genoa is involved with two departments (CIELI and DIME), the more relevant departments connected to the aims and interest of Project RCMS.

CIELI – Centre of Excellence in Integrated Logistics, research and teaching are held principally in the fields of transport, urban, regional and port economics, being all areas in which the section has developed a consolidated network of cooperation and collaboration both in Italy and abroad. The multidisciplinary approach and the competences’ integration is a key-element in order to support the economic analysis carried out by scientists participating in the research centre. The assessment of infrastructure impact and the benefits through cost-benefits and/or multicriteria analysis is a key activity of CIELI.

DIME – Department of Mechanic, Energy, Management and Transportation Engineering. Research and teaching are held principally in the fields of Mechanics, Energy, Management and Transportation engineering, being all areas in which the section has developed a consolidated network of cooperation and collaboration both in Italy and abroad.

Contact Person: Hilda Ghiara

Web Site www.cieli.unige.it

Mail : cieli@unige.it


Circle is an innovative European company working on innovation, technology and digital marketing and being a unique partner for business development, efficiency and integration of innovation into daily management. Circle has a solid background and expertise in the development of EU and International co-funded projects. In this domain, Circle is offering its consulting services to strategic customers in the public and private sectors willing to share the opportunity to develop their business using co-founded projects;  our consultancy starts from the Check Up of the potential EU funding sources, continues in the Project Anticipation approach and ends in the real project lifecycle, exploiting the project results into the customers’ business.

Circle - Contact Person: Picco Alexio

Web Site http://www.circletouch.eu/en/

Mail info@circletouch.eu 


Sellhorn Ingenieurgesellschaft mbH has been established by Engineer Bodo Sellhorn in the early 1960s. Sellhorn provides since then engineering consultancy services for public and private clients in Germany and overseas. Sellhorn is an independent firm not affiliated with civil works contractors or manufacturers and thus provides the services with integrity and objectivity in the interest of the clients.


Sellhorn - Contact Person: Mr. Norbert Peetz

Web Site http://www.sellhorn-gruppe.de/en.html


Compass Ingeniería y Sistemas, SA (Compass) is a consulting services company specialized in the engineering design, as well as in the development of software for calculation and information management in technology. The members of Compass team are all highly qualified professionals specialised in civil, industrial, naval and telecommunication engineering. These areas are the main focus of Compass activities, which are driven by a main objective: to bring value to our customers by applying innovative solutions to their problems.

Compass has capacities for projects of large scale: large companies and organizations with an international prestige work with Compass on these projects and use the capacities on dalily basis. On the other hand, Compass closely cooperates with a wide network of technology research centers and technically oriented companies, which allows to offer the most innovative technology solutions.

The predictive engineering, based on numerical simulations, is being incorporated to all different fields of technology. This method offers an alternative to the traditional work means based on the experimental methods of trial and error. Compass introduces a concept of predictive engineering in design, counting on advanced tools based on numerical simulation. Thanks to these tools, Compass engineers are able to obtain the best results. Likewise, Compass offers consulting services for numerical simulation software used in engineering, offering a sophisticated support service for its clients, which includes permanent contact, educational support, technical consulting, assistance, and finally software adaptation.

COMPASS Contact Person: Daniel Sá López

Web Site http://www.compassis.com/compass

Mail  danielsa@compassis.com 

Gdańsk Container Terminal Co.

The Gdańsk Container Terminal Stock Company (GTK S.A.) has been operating at the Port of Gdańsk since September 9th, 1998. Owing to the consistently implemented policy that favors the client’s interests and comfort, as well as the efforts to maintain high quality standards of services, Gdańsk Container Terminal established its reputation as a friendly port. Terminal is situated on the Szczecińskie Quay, in the inner part of the port of Gdańsk, at the mouth of the Vistula river, on the Baltic-Adriatic Core Corridor of Trans-European Transport Network. Its strengths are the wide scope of services, including technical facilities, high-profile commercial approach, proximity of the DCT as well as the experienced staff and adjusting to our customers’ special needs.

GTK Contact: Mrs. Karolina Wlodarczyk

Web Site http://www.gtk-sa.pl/

Mail: karolina.wlodarczyk@portgdansk.pl

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH

HPC Hamburg Port Consulting GmbH was founded in 1976 as a management consultancy in the port and transport sector. HPC is a wholly owned independent subsidiary of the Hamburg Port and Logistics Corporation (Hamburger Hafen- und Logistik AG – HHLA), the largest and most diversified port operating company in Germany. In its home port Hamburg, HHLA operates three container terminals, two of them being highly automated facilities, with a combined throughput of seven million TEUs in 2013.

HPC as a company is well experienced in all aspects of ports, shipping and intermodal transport in many parts of the world, including bidding for concessions and subsequent investment and operations. Since its foundation, the company has successfully carried out more than 1,200 port-projects in over 100 countries on behalf of clients drawn from both the public and private sectors and including both, the major port operators and the major international donor institutions.

HPC - Contact person: Dr. Nils Kemme

Company website: www.hpc-hamburg.de


CIMNE is a technical center specialized in Numerical Methods and Simulation, expert in the integration of new Internet technologies and Wireless Sensor Networks with numerical methods, simulation tools, neural networks and geographical information systems in order to develop Decision Support Systems (DSS) and prediction systems in multiple areas of engineering.


CIMNE - Contact : Ángel Diego Priegue

Web Site http://www.cimne.com

Mail: cruchi@cimne.upc.edu